The NEXT membership event is the annual meeting in the fall of 2014. 

The date and location for the meeting are now unsettled and will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

Contact Society Captain Michael Fay at , or his mobile (860) 930-0676 if you have questions about the Annual meeting.

Society members had a memorable event in Philadelphia in late April.  A summary can be read in this lu lu of a report.

Founded in 1989 to recognize and safeguard the integrity of courses from the "Golden Era" of Golf Course Architecture, the Society's particular focus is the work by Donald J. Ross & Associates of Pinehurst, North Carolina before 1948. We believe that the golf courses designed by Ross are works-of-art that merit close care and meticulous preservation. When renovation work is needed, we believe that - wherever possible - the course should maintain its original look, shape, and playing character; and when accommodations are needed for the modern game, they should be consistent with the original design intent.

We, therefore urge clubs to seek out those architects, shapers, consultants and superintendents in the industry who endeavor to preserve these traditions, and that are comfortable with the basic strategies outlined in our Restoration Guidelines, wherein we distill the wisdom of countless restoration successes and provide a blueprint for clubs interested in recapturing their Donald Ross design integrity.

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